My cousin was very supportive the moment she knew that I liked to write. She encouraged me to try blogging. I would nod and smile, saying that I would do so but I never got around to starting a page (sorry, Chrisy). That all happened seven or so years ago. Thing is though, I have no idea how to start a blog. The things that are dancing around my head are complex computer codes such as C+ codes whenever I hear the words “blog” or “blogging”. I have no knowledge or skills whatsoever with computer coding. It seems like I need to have awesome coding skills. You know, like the stuff you see in the movie Matrix. Its like I need to hack away at my keyboard like a madwoman, generating binary numbers and whatnot to produce a blog worthy of the general public.

Should it be like this?
I’m thinking that I should look like this once I start. >.<

But of course, the Matrix is just a movie. And i am not that gifted *sighs dramatically*.
So, how am I supposed to start a blog?

Finally worked up the courage to try and I found out that it is not so difficult. The writing part is, though. So, thanks Chrisy for sharing your own blog posts and indirectly encouraging me to start one. We should have another sushi night. ^_^


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